German award for natural resources efficiency

November 2, 2015 by
Marco Marino

QASS is nominated – for the award called “Deutscher Rohstoffeffizienz-Preis 2015”, which means “German Award For Natural Resources Efficiency”. We convinced the jury with our project, “New Methods Of Acoustic Emission Measuring To Improve Natural Resources Efficiency In Many Industrial Production Processes”. Our flagship device, Optimizer4D, is able to analyze industrial production processes that are nearly impossible to analyze up to now. All nominees come together at the Bundeswirtschaftsministerium (the Federal Ministry Of Economy) in Berlin.

Parliamentarian state secretary Uwe Beckmeyer gives the award​

The parliamentarian state secretary Uwe Beckmeyer of the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy awards the winners regarding of the symposium “efficient using of resources – successfully in the market”. The conference is going to take place in the Ministry of Economy and Energy in Berlin. Companies and research labors will be awarded for development and implementation of products or processes in connection with efficient using of resources and materials. The choice of winners is in the hand of the jury.

More on the price:

QASS-innovation supports saving on resources

Background: In the industrial production there are a lot of component parts that are rejected while being perfectly okay so far. The reason for this: many production processes depend on the current systems for acoustical error detection, which cannot differentiate between a dangerous hair crack and other acoustic signals like sounds from the machine itself.

QASS delivers answers​

The measuring system Optimizer4D is able to prevent the above-named mistakes of mixing up due to its ability to differ between disturbing signals from real cracks. This is made possible by the worldwide unique function of the system, which analyze the intensity of the signals and additionally their frequencies in real time. Less component parts are getting disposed. So it is possible to reduce the false reject rate by up to 80 percent.

The Optimizer4D has already replaced testing methods that consume resources (e. g. dye penetration process).
The Optimizer4D also helps to extend the service life of tools. The system can be used in many industrial manufacturing processes as a “Condition Monitoring Tool”, to monitor component part performances and production processes. So it is possible to take a deep look into the production process to optimize parameters and to make it leaner, more efficient and more resources-saving. Furthermore it is possible to optimize the production process.

QASS-CEO Ulrich Seuthe: “Our measuring method today detects not only anomalies in tools and components in all possible production processes. It also helps to improve the process, to accelerate it and to avoid errors.” Thus the measuring system can find the ideal point for resource-conserving use of lubricants (minimum quantity lubrication), to guarantee the optimal conditions of production.

In these days of increasing energy costs, error free operations are essential. Profit through energy saving – possible for users by QASS.

Below you can find the official nomination video of QASS for the German Natural Resources Efficiency-Award 2015:

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