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QASS offers customizable measurement systems and solutions for many different applications in the industrial sector. With our expertise we can make your industrial processes measurable. The data is analyzed in real time, digitized and used for the optimization of your process.


Automotive groups and suppliers around the world rely on our expertise in crack prevention, process optimization and quality assurance. With the help of Optimizer4D, you can therefore not only precisely detect not only precisely detect cracks that occur during straightening, but also prevent them 
prevent them. Our technology and services help you to the risk of failure of the steel shafts used. 

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Tube drawing

With the aid of structure-borne sound analysis our process experts have succeeded in detecting the settling of the drawing process chatter marks and to implement an automated control system. control system. The measurements are documented documented and displayed.

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Plastic injection molding

When is a plastic injection molding tool ripe for maintenance? With Optimizer4D, maintenance becomes possible at the right time instead of
relying on maintenance in fixed cycles: Condition-based instead of interval-based maintenance. 

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With Optimizer4D, even hidden and visually inaccessible assembly processes that take place inside components, can be reliably checked. The QASS measuring system monitors assembly processes in-line via structure-borne sound and evaluates the process data generated process data in real time. Defective components or faulty process parameters can thus be detected as soon as they occur. 

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Test stands

Friction noise and the smallest irregularities on the surface of rolling bearings can be detected and analyzed with the Opzimizer4D. The qualitative condition of rolling bearings and lubricants can be clearly displayed.  


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Wire drawing

With the Optimizer4D, the optimum tensile speed no longer has to be tried and tested, but can be determined automatically on the basis of measured data. The automatic quality inspection monitors non-destructively and is robust against oils and dust.

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Structure-borne sound

Using structure-borne sound analysis, important process signals can be captured in real time. Our measurement system can evaluate these signals and react accordingly to optimize your process. 



Typical problems occurring during welding, such as cold cracks, pore formation or possibly faulty welding parameters, generate acoustic signal changes that can be detected by our measuring system at the moment they occur.  

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Deep drawing

To avoid damage or problems during thermoforming, the Optimizer4D is the optimal solution: Based on acquired sensor data on your machine, we can optimize your thermoforming process according to your needs and detect defects during creation as well as reduce scrap.  

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With the Optimizer4D, worn cutting edges and breaks can be detected in real time. Our measuring device can adapt and optimize your individual process and thus save time and costs. 

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