Python integration & interfaces 

Python is THE language of data science and machine learning. At the same time, Python is a comparatively intuitive programming language and is now also taught as a reference language for data science at universities. It is not for nothing that Python has been the most popular programming language for several years  (

By integrating Python into our software, we create maximum flexibility for your projects and, of course, access to state-of-the-art machine learning libraries. To keep the entry hurdle as low as possible, we install libraries such as Numpy, Tensorflow, SciPy and many others on the Optimizer4D before delivery. This means you can get started straight away.

However, we now also work almost exclusively with Python outside of our software: we use Python to develop new analysis methods and industrial applications. We have written Python libraries that enable us to process our measurement data directly in Python or to control our system remotely from Python via the network.

For the research community, but of course also for technically interested customers, we provide these libraries open source under the LGPL license. This allows you to implement your own solutions without the obligation to disclose your solution.

Python operator

The Python operator offers direct integration of Python into our analysis pipeline. With extensive interfaces in our software, a deep integration of popular data science libraries is possible here.

About Python operator

Python virtual inputs

Virtual data channels enable the integration of any sensors into our software. External data streams can be recorded synchronously with analog data.​

Our software interface for virtual inputs enables the implementation of a new device class with user interface directly in the Analyzer4D software.

About sensor fusion

OpenSource libraries

To give you full access to the data and maximum flexibility in using Optimizer4D, we make our central libraries available for everyone to access.

The LGPL license we have chosen offers you a wide range of options for using and exploiting your developments!

About QASS Open Source

Python in machine communication

We use Python both in our central machine interface (trigger list) and to implement special communication adapters such as OPCUA, TCP/IP connection to PLC or similar.

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