Wetter as Part of the Ruhr Metropolis

June 6, 2018 by
Marco Marino

“5 million people, 53 cities, 1 metropolis” – the campaign presents Wetter as part of the Ruhr Metropolis. It shows the connection of people from Wetter with their city and the Ruhr area. The motto is “I’m one of five million!” also fits for Ulrich Seute, who was born here and is CEO of QASS today.

In addition to the numerous engagements of the people living here, Wetter is proving to be a particularly attractive location for entrepreneurs and university graduates. In addition to an optimal location within the Ruhr area and the very good infrastructure, weather is a location of many high-tech companies. Innovation and the ingenuity of the middle class are an important economic engine for the city and have even originated some world market leaders.

Campaign with further information and stories. We were very happy to be part of the campaign!

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