Review of the HeatTreatmentCongress 2018

October 26, 2018 by
Jacqueline Gomez Sacras

The 74th HeatTreatmentCongress was a meeting place to present the latest research and development results. Experts from the heat treatment industry gave impulses and insights on the subject of laser beam or case hardening, explained early burning detection and provided information on UCI hardness testing in industrial applications.

We at QASS took the opportunity to talk to interested people and exchange ideas with our own trade fair stand. Our new developments are described below.​

Grinding Burn Detection​

Use our measuring system QASS µmagnetic to detect grinding marks and new hardening zones on your components. The analysis is carried out either in-process or post-process and works contactless and non-destructive.

Thanks to our sensor technology and our real-time analysis, your random sample inspection gives way to an efficient 100 % inspection. Our sensors are individually adapted to your needs and your process.​

The Way to a 0 % Crack Rejection Rate in only 5 Steps - QASS Crack Avoidance

QASS was represented at Europe’s largest industry meeting for heat treatment from 16 to 18 October and gave with its 5 Steps strategy the right instructions for designing straightening processes largely crack-free. Visitors were able to see the advantages of our innovative Optimizer4D measuring system for real-time monitoring of your production processes. Pattern recognition and learning ability now give us the possibility to effectively avoid crack formation and rejects during straightening. As your technology partner, QASS wants to ensure that your straightening process is always state of the art.​

Real-Time Monitoring of Joining Processes

At the trade fair we showed how we can monitor the catching of the safety ring in the joint of cardan shafts. This is only an excerpt of the possibilities for pressing, assembling and joining processes. Contact us – we will take care of your problem and find a solution.

The catching of the ring into the groove can be monitored with the Optimizer4D measuring system from QASS.

Our photos at the HeatTreatmentCongress

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