EMO 2017: New Ways of Intelligent Production

September 18, 2017 by
Marco Marino

The slogan of the EMO Hannover 2017 is: Connecting systems for intelligent production. We from QASS look forward to visitors at the booth of Machining Innovations Network in hall 27, booth E80, at EMO Hannover 2017. QASS is presenting innovative and self learning measure systems that analyze the hardness of components and materials as well as monitor machining tools.

  • Self-learning measuring systems​ and other industrial production processes are complex and full of variables. Which blade? Which material? What are the requirements?In the near future, measuring systems made by QASS will be able to learn by themselves, which components are okay and which do not meet the quality standards. For this intelligent production, QASS enhances its measuring systems in a way that they can analyze complete production sections and not only single production steps, like a crack or a tool break. The systems will need just very little human input.Depending on location and requirements of duty, the measuring systems by QASS like Optimizer4D and QASS µmagnetic utilize different methods to distinguish between a faulty and a valid production section
  • Non-destructive tool monitoring for machining
    QASS Optimizer4D analyzes impulse-like acoustic signals that occur during machining. The sharper a blade, the more regular the emissions. The more blunt an edge gets, the more irregular the high-frequency impulses get, because the tool cuts less and rips more.Optimizer4D detects worn-out blades and it’s able to trigger a signal in order to change tools. This means maintenance at the right point of time instead of maintenance in defined cycles.
  • Pre-emptive detection of tool breakage
    The measuring system Optimizer4D from QASS detects even the slightest changes, even in the high frequency band, to the split microsecond. This includes signals that occur shortly before a tool breaks. That means pre-emptive detection of tool breakage. Increased wear, for example, can induce these signals that are a sign of tool breakage.QASS Optimizer4D is able to stop the process timely.
  • Hardness testing with QASS µmagnetic – in-process
    QASS µmagnetic utilizes a completely new micromagnetic measuring concept in order to dertermine the hardness of components, in real-time and contactless.
    The system uses Barkhausen noise, which means ongoing interaction of ferromagnetic materials by using an external magnetic field. This is combined with very high sampling rates and our real-time spectral analysis.Determine the hardness of your purchased materials and conduct a reliable positive material identification. Analyze non-destructively the hardness condition of ferromagnetic components and materials, even under noisy and unsettled conditions.
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