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July 19, 2023 by
Maren Kemmerling

Optimizer4D takes your crack detection to a whole new level. With its powerful new features you can save valuable resources and money

Modern-day production requirements and increasing costs make effective quality control even more critical. The CiS.01 is over 20 years old and may not keep up with increased demands. Therefore, we discontinued the CiS.01 in 2016 and introduced the Optimizer4D.

The Optimizer4D is better equipped to separate machine noise from crack signals. A noisy process often increases the CiS.01’s reject rate significantly. Its static energy threshold approach forces users to live with false-positive rejects if they do not want to run the risk of slipping cracked parts through. In some cases, it means that hundreds of dollars are wasted on good parts per day.

Comparison of 2D signal vs. 3D process landscape

With the Optimizer4D, you will effectively lower your false-positive reject rate! ​ 

The Optimizer4D now takes spectral information into account as well. Thanks to the pattern recognition software, the Optimizer4D can better tell whether the signal at question is a crack signal or just loud machine noise. The new concept follows one goal:.

The Optimizer4D learns the acoustics of your straightener and every noise it may emit under full load. This wealth of information helps the Optimizer4D to no longer reject your parts when machine noise is present. This complex algorithm won’t distract from the important information: An intuitive user interface summarizes the most important performance parameters of the Optimizer4D. Additionally, we can share our data with any external data system via TCP/IP communication.  

Potential savings

Calculation example with manufacturing cost per piece: $ 20 | Weekly production per straightener: 4,000 Spieces (about 200,000 pieces annually)

Before Upgrade: CiS.01
After Upgrade: Optimizer4D

Average scrap rate

1 %

0,5 %

Scrapped pieces per week



Savings per week: $ 400

Annual savings after upgrading: $ 20,800

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