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May 29, 2020 by

QASS Presents a Completely New User Interface for Bending and Straightening

In the last weeks and months, in workshops, we have worked intensively on the modification of our graphical user interface. Our latest innovations were in the areas of measurement analysis, pattern recognition, and programmable data analysis. We now have focused to improve the graphical application of our systems and to introduce a greatly simplified graphical user interface.

In particular, we have broadened the adaptability of our software with Python and JavaScript operators. Python is known from machine learning, JavaScript from website design. With their help we can adapt our measurement programming to special requirements much easier and above all much faster. We have used the new approach and built a scriptable user interface. Here scripting simply means writing. In other words, we write down how exactly the respective user interface should look like and how it should work. Through visualization and a focus on key elements, access for the users to evaluate the quality and performance of their production processes is simplified. Machine builders can give the system their own look and feel and optimally combine the QASS measuring system with their own philosophy.

The user interface consists of two levels. One is used by experts for programming the measurement task. It hence provides a flexible measurement programming environment. Here we define pattern recognition, advanced signal filters and decision processes. The other, brand new, is a programmable graphical user interface, which we tailor to the users’ needs. Each QASS measuring system can now present completely different user interfaces and can also optimally adapt in its human-machine interface.

GUI elements already available in our library, such as diagrams, switches, input and output fields, or animations can be inserted and adapted by drag and drop and configuration menus. New elements are can be described with a text editor as on a HTML page and their behaviors can be extended through JavaScript. Analysis functions of the QASS software are made available by these elements. All users and partners are invited to make suggestions for the new user interface and its operation. The creation of a specific user interface with adapted measurement procedures no longer requires months of programming work but only days or hours. We aim at realizing new measurement tasks within 10 working days.

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