Waste Reduction For Straightening Processes

QASS is world market leader in the area of crack detection during straightening processes. As of now, especially for straightening machines, we recommend our new, innovative crack detection system: Optimizer4D uses a new analysis concept and reduces false rejections that have been inevitable so far. These rejections occur when systems mistake electric or mechanical interference signals for cracks.

Conventional crack detection systems analyse intensity and energy flow of structure-borne sound. Optimizer4D adds a third dimension to the analysis: frequency.

With 25.000 spectroscopic analysis per second Optimizer4D reveals every detail of the straightening process. This way a distinction between real cracks and interference signals can be made. Also, this information can be used to further optimize the process, which causes the discard to decrease even more: preventing cracks with advanced process monitoring.

Crack detection 2.0 - less waste, higher quality

Conventional acoustic emission analysis on the axis time and amplitude

Crack detection with QASS Optimizer4D-CiS.02 - this depiction shows a crack that appeared during straightening

Crack detection with QASS Optimizer4D – this depiction shows a crack that appeared during straightening

Conventional acoustic emission analysis of a straightening process in detail on the axis of time and amplitude: It is hard to distinguish the signals of a real creack from background emissions and interference.

Crack detection with QASS Optimizer4D: acoustic emmisions of an interference that have been identified as a crack by other detection devices. Optimizer4D recognizes this mistake by using frequency analysis.