Detection of cracks that are closed at the surface

QASS is extending its lead as world market leader for destruction-free crack detection of the bending and straightening of steel shafts. The new and innovative crack detection system Optimizer4D analyzes structure-borne sound during the straightening process:

  • No post-production testing with magnetic powder or laser-thermal imaging necessary
  • Cost reduction by saving supplies (e.g. magnetic particle inspection)
  • Higher product quality with highly accurate crack detection
  • Reduction of false rejections
  • Non-destructive testing of component quality
  • In real-time during the straightening process

Crack Detection with Optimizer4D

This microscopic image of a cracked component shows that the crack has closed at the surface. Many subsequent quality control methods, like magnetic particle inspection or laser thermographysfail to detect this if the surface looks immaculate. Optimizer4D detects cracks the very moment they occur. This makes it irrelevant if the crack closed at the surface after the straightening process.

A crack in a component

HFIM-Signale eines Risses

The crack that has been clearly detected by the Optimizer4D measuring system. The 3D landscape is composed of the axes time, frequency and amplitude.