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QASS a scripting company

The requirements of complex acoustic analyses have forced us early on to choose innovative and unique approaches in order to be able to measure successfully in harsh industrial environments Our standard measurement concepts have long proven themselves as world market leaders, but experience and reality show that standard cannot always be …


QASS 4 phase workflow

We have just published our latest software release and can significantly improve our customer relations on the basis of the newly developed technologies. Especially projects that do not comply with the standard will benefit from the changes. The implementation of a QASS process monitoring system then runs in four phases.


QASS Main Software-Release 2020

QASS has implemented three new programming methods and an input module for its measurement devices – Operator Networks (graphical measurement programming) – Scripting (Python, JavaScript) – Editable, scriptable graphical user interface (PenGUI) – Virtual Measurement Channels (connection of different sensor types, sensor fusion)



Introduction QASS Release-Event 2020

“It is more than just an update, we are facing a new paradigm in software development and customer relations. The very special last few months have allowed us to complete many developments and create a whole new type of measuring device”.


Module assembly

More and more assembly processes are being automated and carried out with pre-assembled components that are joined together to form assemblies. The connection of the assemblies often takes place inside, so that the process and the result cannot be checked by visual …


Plastic injection moulding

Crisis makes inventive, that could be the new guiding theme of Qass. We have taken advantage of the prescribed mandatory break to thoroughly refit our products and to break new ground in the process. In absolute consequence, completely new products have been …


Crack detection during bending straightening

Simple and clear user interface including pattern recognition with the ability to filter pseudo cracks. Within a few weeks the Bending Straightening Team has created a new software for automatic straightening crack detection using our new PenGUI …


Pattern clustering

The current QASS measuring instruments are all equipped with pattern recognition methods. The software searches for known patterns in the data streams delivered by structure-borne sound and other sensors …



Taking new paths in times of Corona is not easy. Qass has taken advantage of the mandatory break in order to end the paths already taken and to introduce groundbreaking innovations in its data analysis. In doing so, the users and applicability through …


Sensor fusion

Merging information. Qass responds to the challenges of digitisation by developing new technologies and applications. With us, the user can shape digitisation and not just experience it. One particular example is the topic of sensor and …


Cognitive Measuring

QASS is the specialist for component evaluation, for process optimization, crack detection and tool monitoring. If it comes to crack detection during bending and straightening processes, QASS is the world market leader. Our new method of High-Frequency-Impulse-Measuring (HFIM) has set new standards.

Cognitive Measuring is interpretive measuring. Optimizer4D recognizes all by itself and in real-time, if a production process exceeds tolerance thresholds. QASS-systems analyze big amounts of sensory data, in real-time, and they identify hidden patterns.

The combination of cognitive measuring and high-frequency acoustic emission develops a new dimension of process data analysis. Formerly, many processes just delivered noise to a evaluation system. Now it’s possible to gain insights out of these noisy processes that describe the condition of tool and component. By this, machines can evaluate themselves and detect if the last process step was successful or not.

Faulty components generate a characteristic HFIM-pattern during the process. Optimizer4D is able to detect and to discharge these components automatically.

Find the optimum of speed and quality for machining processes: evaluate the edges of a machining tool in real-time and detect chatter marks or broken edges.

Since years, QASS defines the standard of high-precision Crack Detection, especially for straightening processes. Destruction-free quality evaluation of component and material is our expertise. With High-Frequency-Impulse-Measurement (HFIM), it’s easy to reliably detect cracks and to distinguish real cracks from (putative) false rejects.

Do you run your process with the highest possible speed? How far can you expand the maintenance interval of your machines before quality deteriorates? Optimizer4D can answer these questions.